Which one of

these sounds like you?

“My business is in serious need of some serious help, seriously.

I want quality leads coming in like clockwork…”

this is me!

“I need blog posts, lead magnets, white papers, case studies and more.

I know content is what my business needs.”

this is me!

“I want to sell my list of existing customers a new product.

I know email marketing will help my business. I just don’t have time.”

this is me!


Done-For-You Sales
Funnels For Your Business

We use a combination of email, web, social media, and a lot of marketing psychology to build you a sales machine. It brings in leads like clockwork while you sleep. Ensuring your pipeline stays full of ideal clients.


Full-Scale Automated Cash Generating Funnels Made to Fit Your Business

This custom crafted cash-creating funnel will get qualified leads delivered straight to you. All you have to do is deliver and do what you do best in your business.

All without having to worry about where
your next customer is going to come from.

Does this sound like you?

☹️ “There’s so many ways to get leads online that it makes my head spin. I wish somebody would just create a whole client generating system for me.”

☹️ “My business has done well offline but now I need a new source of leads. I’m in way over my head trying to understand how exactly to generate clients online.”

☹️ “We invested so much money in a website but it’s not doing a single thing. We have no traction online and we need some help, fast.”

I’m here to say I’ve helped dozens of businesses with their online sales funnels. And I can help you too.

Sales Machine Package

$10,000one-time investment
  • 🕵️‍♂️Offer Discovery
    Initial interviews with decision maker to get clarity on offer and target market.
  • 🧪Reach Research
    Traffic analysis of existing audience and what the best incoming traffic sources are to design appropriately.
  • 🧲 Lead Magnet Creation
    Creation of your ‘lead magnet’ that will attract your ideal customers. This piece of content will have them asking you for further help.
  • 💰 Sales Process
    We build the pages that put the leads into your hands. Then, we let you do what you do best. Deliver your product or service!
  • 💸Upsell Offering
    We find a side offering that is low-effort, high-value to give you an extra source of income. This helps to pay for advertising to get new leads.
  • 🏆 Ascension Offering
    The golden step of the funnel. This is where you will find your core clientele. Those that want to pay you a premium for your most valuable packaged offering.
  • 📨Email Sequence Creation
    A series of emails turned into a sales-generating machine. Pitching your offer with perfected timing in your buyer’s journey.
  • 🎯Retargeting Pixels
    Focused online ads that reel in currently interested prospects. Life gets in the way of completing their sale. We bring them back through.


Content Services For Your Business

It’s like your very own sales-making newspaper… for your business!
(Except it won’t become antiquated and it won’t get thrown on peoples’ lawn)


Killer Content That Inspires, Educates, and Entertains

These monthly killer content pieces get your audience nodding their head. They’ll be saying “If they know what I’m struggling with…they must have the answer.”

And plus, Google starts to like you enough to put you at the top of the results.
Not too shabby, right?

Does this sound like you?

☹️“I know my business needs more content but I’ve hired writers in the past who just didn’t fully understand my business and how it works.”

☹️ “We want to stop paying so much for advertising and grow an asset that will bring in customers over the long haul.”

☹️“We want to build trust with our audience through a blog but have no idea where to start or how to begin finding relevant content to write about.”

I’m here to say I’ve helped dozens of businesses with their content strategy. And I can help you too.

Content King Package

$3000monthly investment
  • 🔍Discovery
    Initial interviews with decision maker to identify services, target markets, and analyze existing marketing.
  • 🧪Research
    Initial and ongoing research. Finding the most valuable, easiest to rank, and most profitable keywords.
  • 📈Ranked
    SEO optimized content. Getting your site ranked and users finding your site through Google.
  • 🔁Updated
    Ongoing content updates to help keep Google rankings strong.
  • 🧲Engaging
    Beautiful, Easy-to-read formatting that keeps users on your site and engaged.
  • 🏆Results
    4 publish-ready articles per month to give your business results.
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Email Services For Your Business

Start sending emails that give your subscribers warm-and-fuzzy “you’ve got mail” feelings.


Magical Autoresponder
Email Sequences

These custom-fit, automatic email sequences have a laser-focused goal. To turn your tire-kicking freebie seekers into “shut up and take my money” customers.

Imagine setting ’em up once and watching the sales roll in with each new email sent.

Does this sound like you?

☹️ “I know email marketing can help my business, but I just don’t have time to setup my email sequences…”

☹️ “I’d love to give my new leads a big warm welcome when they sign up, but I just don’t know what to say…”

☹️ “Getting sales automatically from our email list would be huge for our business, but I’m not a very good writer…

I’m here to say I’ve helped dozens of businesses with their email autoresponders. And I can help you too.


$3000one-time investment
  • ✔️
    Best Value Autoresponder Package
  • 💰
    12 Sales Bankin’ Autoresponder Emails
  • 🧰
    Email Marketing Software Setup

  • Autoresponder Sequence
    Delivered in 3 Days
  • 🏆
    One Time Investment
    A Lifetime of Sales


$2000one-time investment
  • 💰
    12 Sales Bankin’ Autoresponder Emails

  • Autoresponder Delivered in 4 Days
  • 🏆
    One Time Investment
    A Lifetime of Sales


$200per email
  • 💰
    Pay Per Sales Bankin’ Email

  • Emails Delivered in 7 Days
  • 🏆
    One Time Investment
    A Lifetime of Sales

Daily Emails
Your List Wants
LOVES to Open

These friendly, daily emails sequences
will get your list know, like, and trust you

(you know, the three things that
absolutely matter before someone decides to buy)

Daily Emails
for Non-Techies

$5000monthly investment
  • ✔️
    Best Value for Daily Emails
  • 🧰
    Email Marketing Software Setup

Daily Emails
for Techies

$4000monthly investment

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