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I keep 6 & 7 figure eCom brands from losing thousands of dollars per day using the power of eCom email marketing.

Want to find out how?

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Austin Kelly

Austin Lee Kelly

Founder of LimeProfits
An eCom Email Marketing Agency

Smart businesses that have worked with me.

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Every brand/store wants to increase conversionsincrease retentionget customers to spend more

But here’s my eCom email marketing secret…

I can add 50% of “found money” to your brand without spending another dime on traffic.

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Why Should You Trust Me With Your Brand’s Email Marketing Strategy?

You want low risk, high reward.

I always find a win-win agreement with my clients. Most result in a little to no upfront cost agreement where I don’t make money unless YOU make money.

If I don’t see a way in which I can improve your bottom line with email marketing, I won’t take your money. My reputation is worth more than a quick buck.

eCommerce Email Marketing Agency
eCommerce Email Marketing Agency

You want a team of laser-focused specialists

Ever notice how so many agencies list eCommerce email marketing as one of MANY services they offer?

The more your focus is split, the less you excel at it. Your ecommerce email strategy is too big to leave to a general agency.

You want measurable results

Clients I work with get measurable results. That’s the power of ecommerce email marketing. It’s tied directly to your sales. So you know exactly how much I’m making you.

eCommerce Email Marketing Agency
eCommerce Email Marketing Agency

You want someone who knows the eCom biz

A lot of freelancers and agencies are in the eCommerce email marketing business to create pretty designs.

That’s not the same mindset of someone running a brand who wants sales.

Our team has built and sold online eCom brands and know how to create emails that actually sell.

I’ve also written many, researched thought pieces on different eCom topics.

You want to feel better crossing this one off.

You know it can get you an insane ROI. Think you can do it yourself?

Okay, then why haven’t you? It’s okay to let go of the guilt. You’re looking at this page for a reason. Let’s do this email marketing thing, together.

eCommerce Email Marketing Agency
eCommerce Email Marketing Agency

You want someone who cares.

It’s as simple as this: I get EXCITED about this stuff.

If you want a trusted advisor in what your brand is trying to achieve, you’ve found it.

My clients come to me for email marketing advice in their business and are all the better for it.


What Our Clients Say

eCommerce Email Marketing Agency
eCommerce Email Marketing Agency
Corey Smee, Marketing Director at Health Mate Saunas

What Does It Look Like Working Together?

  • Step 1 – Intro + Qualify

We Only Work Together If It Makes Sense

We figure out if our eCommerce email marketing program can be profitable for you with a brief call. You answer a few questions, and together we decide if the program can work.

  • Step 2 – Discovery + Strategy

We Dive Deep Into Your Business

We figure out who your ideal customer is. We get clear on your business. And create a strategic, custom email marketing plan on top of our battle-tested process for us to move forward.

  • Step 3 – Do It and Grow

We Grow Your Brand with Email

Watch your AOV, sales, and repeat customer base grow. All while we take the entirety of the stress, work, and effort off your to-do list.

Things I wrote
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Dov Kaufmann, VP Business Development at Yotpo

dov kaufmann

“Austin is not only one of the nicest guys in the business, but also one of the most knowledgable, creative, and passionate.

I’ve turned to him for advice on multiple occasions, and each time the value that Austin was able to deliver went way beyond what I expected. Honestly can’t recommend enough!!”

Dov Kaufmann, VP Business Development at Yotpo

Is this not what you’re looking for?

eCommerce Email Marketing Agency

Not an eCom brand?

Are you a business looking for cold email and lead generation services?

👉 Check out our new separate service offering.

eCommerce Email Marketing Agency

Just need some email copywriting?


👉 Check out the page I made just for you.

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    eCommerce Email Marketing Agency
    eCommerce Email Marketing Agency

    Alex Willis
    Customer Success Engineer at Snappy Kraken

    If you’ve got this far…

    …here’s some answers to questions/thoughts you might have
    Do I keep paying you once you set it up?2021-12-01T00:37:57+00:00

    In addition to the automated email flows we set up, we send out regular emails to your newsletter. Not only that, we are constantly testing and implementing new ways to grow your bottom line. So yes, the cost keeps recurring, but so does your growth.

    Do you work with existing teams?2021-12-01T00:37:58+00:00

    Absolutely! We have a collaborative tech setup that allows us to brainstorm, co-create, and share our progress, deliverables, and analytics.

    Do you also do ads?2021-12-01T00:37:58+00:00

    We don’t, but we have trusted partners we work with that we can provide a connection to and/or work with.

    What are your prices?2021-12-01T00:38:00+00:00

    Check out our services page to learn more.

    Do you only send regular emails or do you setup my automated emails as well?2021-12-01T00:38:00+00:00

    We do everything email. We have a thorough process that helps you capture every sale at every touch point with a customer. Without overselling your product.

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