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Dear Friend,

Is your website not making you the sales you thought it would?

People go to your website, yet 99% of them don’t buy from you.

Hell, they don’t even stay that long!

You check your analytics day after day, trying to figure out what’s going wrong.

Where is the disconnect happening here?

It's in your messaging.

The wrong messaging can be deadly to any business that wants to survive.

It’s frustrating, I know.

But I’m here to help.

There are secret steps to putting your pitch in the right way to sway them to pull out their wallets.

Imagine what it would be like to have a 24/7 salesperson that sells for you.

And doesn’t take a sick day.

Your website can do that for you.

Imagine how much easier your life will be when people finally, see the true value in your products and services.

Imagine when they see your products and services as the best solution to their problem.

So what’s stopping you?

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What Clients Are Saying About LimeProfits

An Internet Marketing Company

Bradley Long
Bradley LongFounder of Shoptimized
The theme used by the #2 fastest growing Shopify store recorded aside from Kylie Jenner

“If you’re looking for someone to create great content for you that’s going to engage with your audience and to get ranked on Google then look no further.

Austin and I have been working together for the past 4 to 5 years.

He really understands e-commerce.

He really understands how to put himself in the shoes of your readers and your audience to be able to engage with them.

He’s also really good at the SEO research side.

He understands how to write content around keywords and it’s helped grow out business hugely because organic traffic is key for us.

We rank much, much higher than any of our competitors in the space we’re in and that’s all down to having a really solid blog.

If you’re looking for someone to work with on that basis, then I highly, highly recommend Austin.”

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Brands That Love This Internet Marketing Company


The ecommerce marketing automation platform built for growing ecommerce businesses.


The best converting, #1 unofficial Shopify theme built by conversion rate expert, Bradley Long.


An all-in-one solution for building a better checkout & high-converting funnels for your Shopify store.


Shopify app developer of Out-of-Stock Police, Multi-Store Sync Power, and more.


Jacob is the #1 spot on Google for “copywriter”. He helps freelancers build a six-figure freelance writing business in the next 12 months.


A full-service digital marketing agency for the cannabis industry based in Phoenix, AZ.


Marketing training, courses, events, and free resources on topics like content marketing.


A growth hacking marketing agency that helps startups and well-established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.


The best Shopify app for reviews. Collect photo reviews from your happy customers, strengthen your brand and boost Shopify store sales.

⚙️ My Process ⚙️

Boosting your sales through the power of written word

What My Online Marketing Agency Can Do For You

A more in-depth look at the services I provide

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How to Win Clients By Writing a Killer Welcome Series in Just 10 Days

(Even If You’re Not a Natural Writer)

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Certifiable Excellence

Certified Direct Response Copywriter - LimeProfits - Austin Kelly
Certified Content Marketing Specialist - LimeProfits - Austin Kelly
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The Work of LimeProfits

A little bit of my work around the web

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🤑 On Conversion Rate Optimization

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What More Of
My Clients Say

An Internet Marketing Company

Austin is a master at his craft. He did
everything we asked for and then some.

Mat Pitsch, Arkansas State Senator
Internet Marketing Company - LimeProfits - Fiverr Review by Sybariteelite
An Internet Marketing Company
An Internet Marketing Company
An Internet Marketing Company
Internet Marketing Company - LimeProfits - Daytona Escape Rooms
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About Me

An Internet Marketing Company with Attitude.

Digital Marketing Services.

Search Engine Marketing.

Internet Marketing Company - LimeProfits - Austin Kelly
An Internet Marketing Company
An Internet Marketing Company
Congratulations if you’re reading this.

We’ve came a long ways together.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

Be warned though, I’m a little wore out from being so professional on this entire page.

I’m Austin Kelly.

I started studying copy before I could even buy beer. 🍺

“Oh wow, he used an emoji. That’s SOOOO unprofessional.”

Well, buckle up buttercup. 🥽

I got 15 years of experience in the game 💪

Of studying and practicing the art of persuasion and marketing psychology. 🧠

In the 9th grade I wrote a letter to my history teacher why she should let me sell test note cards before class.

(It worked!)

I deliver quality on time, every time. 🏆

I make good on my word. ⭐

Not to sound like a cliche Western or something, but what else is there besides your word? 🤝🏼

Whether you need video scripts. Blog posts. Web copy. Emails. White papers. Press releases. ✔️

Cult manuals.

Hostage negotiation scripts.

Astronaut speeches.

(Okay, not those last 3)

If you’re still reading and you have a business and you think you’d like some help, then let’s have a chat! 💬

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